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Adam Caar


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Be like family

Treat internal and external stakeholders with trust, respect, and selflessness, just like your own family.


Help each other when required.

Being frugal

Be mindful of the resources at your disposal


Time, money, and effort

Customer first

We place the customer ahead of everything

We offer them the best value and convenience


Walk the extra mile to ensure customer delight

Do not lose sight of the long-term business sustainably for short term savings

Speak up. commit. deliver.

Put your point forward without hesitation

Feel free to speak up, commit to a common goal and deliver by giving your 100%

Raise the bar

Strive to achieve more than yesterday

Raise the standards & performance level irrespective of the set goals

Never say die

Find alternative solutions instead of succumbing to failure/ roadblocks.

Be unstoppable, keep hustling, never give up.

Don’t quit; keep trying.

Act fail
fast learn

Create a culture of learning by failing, rather than fear of failure


Take calculated risks to improve performance.


Don’t overthink/ over plan.


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