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Build India’s Largest Digital Healthcare Platform

Our Story

API Holdings is India's largest digital healthcare platform (based on GMV of products and services sold for the year ended March 31, 2021) which operates an integrated, end-to-end business solving the healthcare needs of consumers through technology and fulfilment capabilities.


Our custom-built technology platform aims to provide each stakeholder in the healthcare value-chain benefits of an interconnected network.


We work closely with and build services for consumers, pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and clinics, and diagnostic labs. Our growing nationwide presence, the connected ecosystem approach, and multiple synergistic offerings have enabled us to build relationships with various stakeholders of the healthcare value chain

2012 - 2014

Our founders have been entrepreneurs in the digital healthcare industry since 2012, when they launched Dialhealth, a consumer pharmaceutical delivery service in Mumbai. While Dialhealth was able to aggregate demand across the city, they struggled in fulfilling demand due to supply chain issues. The Founders also launched a chain of pharmacies in Mumbai, to ensure better control over supply. However, operating these pharmacies without control over supply chain became challenging. 

The Founders’ objectives evolved from aggregating merely demand to aggregating both demand and supply. As a result, they founded Ascent in 2013, which distributed pharma products to pharmacies

2015 - 2016

In 2015, Ascent’s strong procurement and supply chain capabilities prompted our founders to build the technology that powers PharmEasy marketplace – a consumer healthcare super app to enable on-demand, home delivery of pharmaceutical products to consumers.

Our Founders believed that an ecosystem wide solution would need to address lack of access to doctors, issue of self-medication and low digitisation of prescriptions. This led to the acquisition of Docon in 2016. Docon provides EMR and clinic management services along with teleconsultation offerings for doctors, clinics and patients


Ascent launched Retailio, a digital platform, to accelerate technology adoption and to expand supply capabilities beyond the pharmacies serviced by Ascent. Digitization through Retailio has reduced the need for manual re-ordering cycles and enabled lower stock-outs, efficient inventory, and expiry management for retailers. 

By December 2018, Ascent had become one of the largest wholesalers of pharmaceutical products in India, based on GMV of products sold in the previous 12 months and by December 2020, PharmEasy had become the leading online pharmacy in India, in terms of GMV of products sold in the previous 12 months


In August, all businesses founded under this initiative were consolidated into API Holdings to create an integrated digital healthcare platform.


In January, we acquired Medlife, then one of India’s leading digital healthcare companies in terms of GMV of products sold on its platform in the financial year 2021, as per RedSeer Report. In September 2021, API Holdings acquired Thyrocare, India’s largest diagnostic player by test volumes, as per Redseer.


In September, we acquired Aknamed, one of the largest tech-enabled suppliers of specialty medicines, pharmaceutical drugs, surgical and medical devices, and other medical products to doctors and hospitals in India, as per Redseer.


In October, we acquired a 49% stake in Marg, a leading ERP provider for retailers and distributors.


With these acquisitions, we now touch every stakeholder involved in healthcare – consumers, doctors, laboratories, and hospitals….




Simplifying Healthcare, Impacting Lives

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